Rania Hassen

IBM Watson Healthcare, Toronto, Canada
R&D Clinical Specilaity Department

  • Designed and implemented solution for X-Ray image enhancement.

  • Was part of the developing team for CADstream™ (the only MRI-CAD system with customized applications designed to accommodate customer study needs) used by GE breast, liver and abdominal MRI scanners.

  • Designed and implemented the groundwork of research project aimed to measure patient's exposure dose in routine clinical examination.

  • Implemented a method for a new bio-marker for breast cancer based on breast parenchyma with respect to breast fat.

  • Trained on using document control and issue tracking web-based tool.

Technical Skills


Programming Languages

  • Object-Oriented : C/C++, C#, Java (J2SE and J2EE), Python
  • Low-Level : Assembley for both Intel™ and Motorola™ Processors
  • Script Language : Javescript, HTML, CSS

Design Tools

  • Scientific : Matlab™
  • IDE : Visual Studio, Eclipse Java


  • Operating Systems : Windows™ , Linux Ubuntu
  • Office Automation : LATEX, Microsoft Office™
  • Framework : .NET , Client-Server Architeture
  • Test Driven Development : NUnit Test